Father Albert. An Inspiration to Millions

Father Albert is recognized as one of the top leaders among Hispanic-Americans

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The family grows

A special announcement

With praise and thanksgiving to God, the source of all life, we announce that we have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Our son will be named Alberto Felipe Cutié, in honor of both of his grandfathers.

We thank everyone for their constant expressions of love and for your prayers!

Father Albert and Mrs. Ruhama Cutié.

05/31/2012 Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary



New York, NY (January 24, 2012)- Today, CafeMom launched MamasLatinas (www.mamaslatinas.com) the first bilingual website to serve Hispanic mothers living in the United States. The site launch comes at an apt time for a growing audience - by 2014, one in four moms online will be Hispanic. Additionally, 92 percent of Hispanic moms across the acculturation spectrum believe there is not currently a website that clearly meets their needs, according to a major national study of Hispanic moms conducted by CafeMom.*

MamasLatinas is integrating unique site programming in a way unprecedented among Hispanic sites. MamasLatinas will feature prominent and diverse Hispanics as guest bloggers - during its first month welcoming television and radio show host Father Albert Cutié, television host and novelist Leila Cobo, and early childhood expert and People en Espanol parenting columnist Jeannette Torres Alvarez. Community programming will initially include an interactive challenge for moms to "spice up their love lives and improve communication" leading up to Valentine's Day, as well as a live viewing party of awards show Univision's Premio Lo Nuestro, a contest celebrating Dominican Independence Day, and live chats with top Latin celebrities.



With thanksgiving to God, the giver of all life, my wife and I announce the birth of our beautiful baby daughter Camila Victoria Cutié.

We also take this opportunity to thank our family, church community and friends for your love and support. Your prayers and best wishes are truly appreciated.

There is great joy in being a Father, who is also a "father." We are truly blessed!

Father Alberto and Ruhama Cutié


'Padre Alberto' is received as a priest of The Episcopal Church

[Episcopal News Service]On May 29, a year and a day after he announced he was officially leaving the Roman Catholic priesthood to join the Episcopal Church, Father Alberto Cutié was received as a priest in the Episcopal Church. In a joyous bilingual service at Church of the Resurrection, Biscayne Park, Florida, where Cutié has served as lay pastor since Pentecost 2009, Diocese of Southeast Florida Bishop Leo Frade received him as an Episcopal priest and instituted him as priest-in-charge of the congregation.

A congregation of several hundred, including diocesan and ecumenical clergy, packed the small church. In addition to Frade, Bishop Julio Holguin of the Dominican Republic and retired Diocese of Venezuela Bishop Onell Soto, both friends and mentors to Cutié, assisted at the altar.

As a Roman Catholic priest, Cutié was well known nationally and throughout Latin America when photos of him and Ruhama Buni Canellis, whom he married last June, kissing on a beach appeared in early May 2009 in a Spanish-language publication. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami removed Cutié from St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, Miami Beach, where he was priest-in-charge. Cutié had also served as general director and president of Pax Catholic Communications, a multimedia ministry of the archdiocese, appeared frequently on radio and television and wrote an advice column on relationship issues for El Nuevo Herald.

When Cutié and Canellis were received into the Episcopal Church a year ago, Frade said that Cutié's decision to serve as a priest in the Episcopal Church came after a two-year journey of discernment, and that the diocese would begin to use his gifts and skills as he followed the year-long process of preparation to be received as an Episcopal priest.

In his homily at the reception and installation service, Frade reminded the congregation "what this ceremony is not about." He noted that Cutié was already ordained, and had completed the necessary training and had made, a few minutes earlier, the necessary promise "to conform to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church."

"I also want to make sure you know that we don't come here with a triumphant attitude because Father Alberto has become an Episcopalian," Frade cautioned. "I have always said that the road from Rome to Canterbury or from Canterbury to Rome is quite busy most of the time, like I-95 at rush hour."

He noted that Cutié continued to follow a call to the priesthood that he received as a teenager, after realizing "little by little ... that your beliefs were more like an Anglican than a Roman."

"Welcome, Albert, to this branch of Christ's Church. You may not be a Roman now, but you are still a priest in God's catholic church."

Then, after more than a year away from the altar, Cutié celebrated his first Eucharist as an Episcopal priest. Later he admitted he was "more nervous than at my very first Mass."

After the service the Ven. Tom Bruttell, diocesan archdeacon for transitional ministries, recalled that Cutié had asked Frade and the archdeacons a year ago to give him a tough assignment. Resurrection was just that -- a church that, as the bishop said then, had "fallen on hard times." There was no priest, Sunday attendance had dwindled to 20 or 30, finances were grim, and buildings and grounds were in disrepair.

During the past year, with Cutié as lay pastor, assisted and mentored by a retired priest, the Rev. Howard Stowe, there are now two Sunday services, English and Spanish, with combined attendance of about 250 each week. Mirroring the north Miami-Dade community, the congregation is a mix of white Anglo, African-American, Hispanic, West Indian and Haitian. There's a mid-week Adult Christian Education program, led by Cutié, and growing ministries for children and youth. You can visit their website at: www.churchoftheresurrection.org


EPPN pide la suspensión temporal de las deportaciones de estudiantes

[Episcopal News Service] El 29 de abril, la Episcopal Public Policy Network (Red Episcopal para Políticas Públicas, EPPN, por sus siglas en inglés) emitió una alerta sobre políticas en la que se exhortaba a los episcopales a abogar activamente por una suspensión temporal de las deportaciones de estudiantes que calificarían para continuar sus estudios en Estados Unidos bajo los términos de la propuesta Ley de Desarrollo, Ayuda y Educación para Inmigrantes Menores de Edad (DREAM, por sus siglas en inglés).

La alerta pide a los episcopales que escriban a Janet Napolitano, secretaria de Seguridad Nacional, para decirle que "no otorgarles el estatus legal a estos niños no sólo los perj3udica a ellos, sino que priva a Estados Unidos de futuras generaciones de ciudadanos, innovadores, emprendedores y servidores públicos dedicados". La suspensión temporal de las deportaciones sería "un paso en la dirección correcta" hacia una "reforma migratoria justa y humana", indica el texto sugerido para la carta dirigida a Napolitano.

La alerta explicaba que el proyecto de ley (S.729/H.R.1751) es una "legislación bipartidista que daría la oportunidad de legalizar su estatus a jóvenes de buen carácter moral, que han vivido en EE.UU. al menos cinco años y que se han graduado de la preparatoria". A continuación, una lista de los proponentes y co-proponentes del proyecto de ley en el Senado y en la Cámara de Representantes.

Los estudiantes calificarían para obtener un estatus condicional de residente permanente durante seis años si ingresaron a Estados Unidos antes de los 16 años, han vivido en EE.UU. al menos cinco años antes de la aprobación de la Ley DREAM y cuentan con un diploma de preparatoria, de acuerdo con la alerta de EPPN. El estatus de residente permanente estaría disponible al finalizar dos años de educación superior o servicio militar, y los términos de la propuesta de ley excluyen a los estudiantes con antecedentes penales o una baja deshonrosa de las fuerzas armadas.

"En lugar de castigar a los estudiantes por acciones emprendidas en su nombre y más allá de su control, la Ley DREAM ofrecería un proceso estricto pero justo por medio del cual podrían conseguir un estatus legal", señaló la alerta.


Father Albert invites you to help HAITI

Diocese of Southeast Florida responds to devastating earthquake in Haiti. Haiti needs your contribution. The devastating earthquake in Haiti has left her people in need of food, medical supplies, and housing. Bishop Frade has issued an appeal for financial donations to provide emergency funds for these critical needs, and has asked that your contributions be made to Espicosal Charities. Visit http://www.ecsefl.org/ for more information or Donate Online


[Video] Padre Alberto y su esposa Ruhama visitan San Pedro Sula, Honduras

El Padre Alberto, su esposa Ruhama y su hijo Christian visitaron San Pedro Sula con el fin de apoyar las obras de caridad de la Iglesi Episcopal. En exclusiva EL HERALDO platicó con la familia... Ver Video


Father Albert to appear on Oprah.

"Father Oprah" will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show on September 11, 2009. To watch promo and for your local listings, click here.


A Priest's Dilemma

A popular priest in the Miami Roman Catholic community and on Spanish language television, Alberto Cutié's encouraging advice and open mind earned him the nickname "Father Oprah." But away from the pulpit, the priest struggled with feelings that challenged all his beliefs—he was in love with a woman. read more.


A trabajar y no de turista llega Alberto Cutié a San Pedro Sula

El ex sacerdote católico Alberto Cutié y su esposa Ruhama Canellis arribaron ayer a la ciudad de San Pedro Sula en compañía de su hijastro Christian Norton. Cutié indicó que su viaje era por su propia iniciativa, con la finalidad de conocer a fondo y trabajar en favor de los proyectos que coordina el ministerio Nuestras Pequeñas Rosas en Santa Bárbara y Cortés. Descargar artículo.


Padre Alberto Cutié: "Toda mi vida pensé estar casado"

Tras el escándalo que comenzó con la publicación de unas fotografías en una playa de Miami, del entonces sacerdote católico Alberto Cutié y su hoy esposa, Ruhama Canellis, el ahora ministro episcopal y la guatemalteca que le robó el corazón concedieron a PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL la primera entrevista desde que se casaron y hablaron de los rumores que se tejieron a su alrededor. leer más.


'Father Oprah,' Alberto Cutié, is big news in Hispanic community.

MIAMI -- It has the makings of a telenovela: A handsome Cuban-American priest and TV personality caught cavorting with his girlfriend on a Florida beach. After much soul-searching, he decides to leave the Catholic Church for his love. read more


Father Alberto Cutié gets standing ovation at first sermon in his new Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Father Alberto Cutié offers his first sermon at his new congregation at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in suburban Miami, Sunday, May 31, 2009. The popular priest said that "church is about forgiveness" during his first sermon since leaving the Roman Catholic Church after photographs surfaced of him kissing his girlfriend on the beach. May 31, 2009. download article


'Padre Alberto's' Story Resonates Worldwide.

Although it is not unusual for Episcopal and Roman Catholic priests to leave one denomination and join the other, news of former Roman Catholic priest Alberto Cutié's move to the Episcopal Church has sparked worldwide public attention.

"It [the story] has been everywhere," said Neva Rae Fox, public affairs officer for the Episcopal Church, adding that she had received more than 600 notifications of news stories, including CNN (worldwide), the New York Times, CBS, Fox-TV, Religion News Service, Univision and Telemundo. read more

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